Dating councelling christian

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Therefore, it would make sense to try to lessen their effects and eventually eliminate them all together.

I believe my son’s wife of 12 years is a Narcissistic.

It takes time to heal to the point where the triggers start to lose their power.

My son has opened up and shared some of his concerns with her and their marriage- but as soon as she sees he is getting close to his family she draws him away with lies and manipulation.

I have done a lot of research in the last couple of weeks on Narcissism and she has almost all of the symptoms.

There are so many reasons she has given my Son to leave her…but he keeps coming back. At this moment she has put him in a life changing situation for he and their 3 children.

She has always claimed to be Bipolar- that has not medically treated.

But I have always suspected she had to suffer from some kind of personality disorder.

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